Masato April Shoot

by - Thursday, April 14, 2011

Masato Jones is a very unique designer. Masato started out from stratch, just like any ordinary Fashion designer. Masato was launched in between Feburary and March 2011. Masato  has done some  extrodinary things throught the career of a fashion designer from cultivating the  label for sponsoring  Essex Fashion Week from March 24, 25, 26th in Chigwell, Essex, aswell extending Masato  first collection.

The brand today is showing off the collections of Masato, at Brighton Fashion week on the 3rd June; which will be exciting to see what they bring out onto the catwalk.

This month the label has launched a new photoshoot, for April photogrphed by Lawrence Sharma at the Lens. Which features garments from the collection. The photoshoot brings out alot of fun behind the models and the brand itself. The garments featured in the photoshoot are a very  sosphicated dressed, Trousers, lovely colourful mixture of camel, white, and black shirt. Along with pencil skirts and a blouse; looking very fitted. The last photo of the photoshoot showing you a lovely one shoulder dress. Perfect for a night out or to a special event.

Masato are now being stocked at:

Masato clothes now being stocked by please take a look address is 11 Porchester Place, London, W2 3BU.
To keep update with Masato follow their blog and Twitter
Where you can explore the adventures world of Masato and the collections. Enjoy!

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