Topshop Launches New Collection ~ Dress Me Up!

by - Friday, April 15, 2011

Why dress down? When you can dress up?

The newly launched Topshop collection, is making a style statement making dresses, full of high-octane fun and irreverence is here within the collection. The collection features from rock and roll cool to understated elegance. Be a stylist experimentalist and get set to wear yours with intangible coolness.

The collection is available in all sizes from 6-16. In the collection, Topshop have incorparated many different colours from Black, Cream, Nude, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Multi, Orange, and White. Within the collection the dress feature many different shapes and styles which just give the collection a bit of shape, style and detail. Topshop have chosen to use shaping for the dress which includes: shift, pleated, Jersey, Ruffle, Beaded, Hem, Bodice, one shoulder, Bandeau, Bandage, Bussle, Mini, Runched, Bodycon, Frill Bodice, and a one shoudler tie.

Each dress has it's own idea, creation, style, style, and detail. This just gives the dress a bit more of a Highend look; which is great! The dresses start at £45.00 to £175.00. However the dresses are perfect for investing becasue you would be able to wear the dress, to many different social event. Along with looking Beauitful and Fabluous!

So come on girls, lets dress up!

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