Erdem Pre SS2 collection Shoot

by - Wednesday, July 20, 2011

British Fashion Brand Erdem showed off their pre Spring/Summer 2012 collection, ahead of London Fashion Week in September.

The collection opened up with  a very unique Mac, with the colouring of cream and pattern. The colourful pattern continued to carry through to dresses which was accessoried with a cream headband.
Floral took to the camera to pose in a garment of a skirt  with blue and chequed jacket. The floral moved into a dress which was very pretty indeed; also very summary.

Another pattern came through the shoot which was a chequed pattern in a dark pink dress and jacket. The floral's came back again with a dress covered in the pattern of muilti-coloured flowers.

Their was floral shirts amongest the over garments which went very nicley with croped block coloured trousers. Floral was in statement throughout the collection. The one garment which took my eye was the cream dress which featured flowers however, on a cream background. Lace was also featured in the collection in a dark blue in a garment of a dress, top with a cream skirt, along with a shirt and trousers. The lace also was in red which went very well with a dark blue backgorund dress.

The collection made a very bold statement of floral in many different ways, which is also a big trend this summer.

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