Richard Nicoll Pre SS12 Collection

by - Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Richard Nicoll showed off his pre SS12 collection in an opening with a white dress. The dress was very simple but refreshing to see one of the trends coming back. White has been a big trend this summer. The white continued to show off in shirts, accompanied with patterned trousers.
Gold came alive in the collection featuring in metallic shirt and top along with pattern silk trousers.
The pattern continued into array of different garments from blazers, short dresses, jackets and mini skirts.

Stripes also featured in the collection in blue with a white background. The garments were either tops a strappy dress; which was showed with sunglasses which made the outfit very summary. The stripes also came patterned on vest tops featured with sandy coloured skirts, short dress with a print pattern of silhouette of a person in white.

There was underwear in the collection, however it had been reinvented into outwear, which was featured with a gold metallic cardigan and a silvery pattern skirt. Block colour was also featured in the collection in warm colours; which as also been a big trend this summer 11.

Overall the collection was quite a unique collection. It also kept the trends from this summer which is great because we can restore our stripes  and blocked coloured garments for next summer.

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