Stella McCarteny Pre SS12 Collection

by - Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New York has been showing off their pre Spring/Summer 2012 collections, ahead of the fashion week in September. The show of the weekend was Stella McCartney. The show was quite relaxed and right down celebratory.

McCartney showed off the first with a well tailored jacket and a pleated shirt, along with short crop trousers. The outfit was finished off by Circe clutch and Loafers.

The collection showed off array of blazers in different types of materials and colours from blue, black, sandy, sunny yellow and a statement of black and white. The outfits were all finished off with an under layer of shirts or a sheer top with the detailing of bows, along with Loafers and crop short trousers in block colour and cheques pattern.

During the collection there was dresses which came in black and white, which had a detailing of gold flower. Their were T-shirts in white with a part of palm trees in orange and blue, which went along with chequed skirts and black blazer. Covering the chequed pattern. It also featured in torusers witth cold colour wool jumper which was detailed with a gold flower.

Thier was one look which stoodout which was a knitwear spidary top with pinstriped trousers. The pinstriped pattern came through on, shorts and blazers on different backgrounds from white to dark blue.

Summer Stripes have come back; which is big trend this summer.

The stripes featured in orange on a white background, mulit-coloured striped skirt featuring array of colours: orange, red, yellow, blue. They apperead to have featured with blazers, Tee shirts.Floral's came into the collection with petals, flowers on array of different backgrounds on tee shirts and dresses. These patterns really broke up the collection. They also made the collection a lot more relaxed, due to the patterns featuring as shorts and tee shirts.

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