Corrie Nielson SS12 Collection

by - Friday, September 16, 2011

The second show of the day was by Corrie Nielson. Her Spring/Summer 2012 collection started off with a classic black dress, with a middle of detailing of buttons. The dress looked made the idea of a cardigan and skirt.

However second look which came down the runway was a vision in white. The outfit had very high neck shirt collars, which had a white waistcoat with visible sleeves. The outfit was teamed up with high waisted trousers.

As the show went on the collection featured wrap around as the top half of the outfits. Which were either made out of silk which had a V-neck with siding off a brightly floral pattern. There was a golden mac which had oversized shoulders.

Poker dots came into the collection with a dress which had some silk stripes and poker dot stripes and finished off with a folded poker dot shirt collar. A pallet of blue also came into the collection with a outfit full of different materials of the same colour blue.
Oversized stripy bows came onto the jackets. However the oversizing did not stop there!

There was a sunny yellow dress which had very oversized puffy sleeves, also there was a white short dress which had a tight top half and has you got to viewing  the waist was oversized. The collection featured a lot of colour blocking.

Overall the collection was quite summary and I really liked how Nielson corprated oversizing in her garments.

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