Fashion Night in New York

by - Tuesday, September 13, 2011

8th septemebr 2011..In my diary equals Fashion Night Out! However this time around celebrated one of the biggest night in fashion in New York. So for all my tweeters you might have guest. On the other hand I want to show my other readers Fashion Night out in New York.

Before the night started I had a trip to times square. At the time people were busy setting up a pink carpet. I started of Fashion Night Out off with a little of Vogue Magazine September Issue signing with Anna Wintour, which was in Bergdorf's Goodman. As the night started I spotted a group of girl's buying ice cream?? However it turned out to be jewerly.
Late on I went into DKNY store. Wow! Its was impressive to say..DKNY PR Girl had turned her social media world into real life. Along with the shelf's of fabulous clothes I came across one of her first ever tote bags. If you follow on twitter or tumblr you would have noticed it was a picture which she has posted. Along with that I spotted a fabulous coat for winter!

I headed over to one of my favorite designer stores Dolce and Gabbana. Their theme of the night was Passionduo. However if you reading this and you are a fan Justin Bieber. You should of been there! Justin Bieber was on the 3rd floor signing pictures etc.
After looking through the store. I popped into one of my favorite shoe designers ever!
I stepped into shoe heaven with Chrisitan Louboutin. As I wondered around the store I spotted some loubilicious Lashes! Plus I left the store with some louboutin goodies and yummy to eat.... If the evening did not get better than that..

Later on the evening I headed over to one of my all time favorite designers Stella McCarteny! Guess who was there?? It was Alexa Chung on the DJ decks wearing a spring/summer 2012 dress. People would say it was a fabulous night. However many tweets know that in my words its Fashion Tastic!

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