Chloe SS12 collection

by - Monday, October 03, 2011

Chloe is an all time favourite of mine, with their well known perfume.
Today Chloe's Spring/Summer 2012 collection took to the runway. Thank goodness Chloe had the sense to take the roof off the tent at the Tuileries, the heat has been a nightmare of the week. Everyone has done their bit, of keeping the atmosphere calm and cool.
  The First look of the show was a chiffon dress which fanned in pleats down from the slashed neckline to flash white inside each pleat. Hannah MacGibbon reminded us the softness of the houses by way of languid drop-waisted dresses in pleats of green, blue, dusty red and orange with touches of rich coral and burgundy. As the collection came down the runway there was a featured of White crisp shirts, leather skirts whose pleats were separated with matching chiffon, innocent white cotton dresses with geometric cotton rivets striped up and down them and wide blue washed silk trousers worn with linen shirts. The collection revealed a little more direction and it act as a clean slate for Chloe to develop into something new.

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