The Diary of Mr. Karl Lagerfeld - Part 2

by - Sunday, October 16, 2011

After a couple of days later Karl Lagerfeld after Macy’s shoot, Lagerfeld gives you the bigger picture of photography. Lagerfeld first tuned his hands to photography in the late eighties after he urgently needed images for a press kit. Today he describes it’s as a medium he “Cannot imagine life without it”.

Today Karl Lagerfeld gives out a statement saying ‘When it comes to photography, picking out the right model is crucial.’ Lagerfeld described photography as a personal part of him “I do a lot of portraits” and he really takes the time to choose his model.
“I don’t think one should ever be a model – guzzler”. Lagerfeld also described that he also does landscapes and still life and that he prefers his equitant, dead nature.

Lagerfeld summed up photography is part of his life, and he can’t imagine life without its vision. He would look of fashion and the world through the eye of the camera. This gives him basic work a circuital detachment which helps him more than he could ever imagine.

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