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by - Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good Afternoon my readers, this morning I had an interview with a fashion designer whose label I just love. I present to you Bo Carter Fashion. I would just like to say massive thank you to the readers, who sent in their questions for her. Here it goes…

 What inspired you to become a fashion designer?
I always loved clothes but never thought I could actually design them and the Leeds Fashion Show team made me believe I can do it. I will never thank them enough. I used to make clothes for my paper dolls when I was little and now I use human body instead of paper dolls.

What is your unique and individual style?
I love Victorian style, the shapes of garments are just amazing and I also love punk style, so in my clothes i try to mix the two. I love colours, prints and unusual fabrics. Experimenting with fabrics is my favourite bit in making new garments.

 What is the big news? Please tell us!
Oh, it’s not that big, but it is a secret at the moment.

 Which fashion icon do you just adore?
So many. I love Alexander McQueen, but who doesn't? He was an artist and his creation had no limits. Vivienne Westwood is my inspiration for who she is not just as a designer but as a person too. My local hero is Carrie-Ann Toft, and I got so many amazing colleagues designer who I love for who they are and what they represent. I could just go on this forever...

What is the theme for your collection for autumn and winter 2011?
I got some more prints, and fake fur, browns, gold’s and plastic...I love making jackets, they my favourite items so I got some really cool jackets and capes.

 What do you have in mind for your Spring/Summer 2012 collection?
For my SS12 I make men and women collection. Boys clothes are full of colours and prints, and ladies wear going to be full of reds and lots and lots of plastics, I want to bring some flowery prints to it as well, as I never done that so that could be a challenge. I am sticking with my Victorian shapes so lots of pants too. Oh, even I am getting excited about it...

 What do you really like about fashion?
Fashion Shows and manic before. I love doing fashion shows, as you may have seen I have done lots of them in last year. Nothing can beat the excitement of seeing the clothes on runway. I just love it. Equally I love seeing random person on street wearing my clothes, oh yeas, I do love that a lot too.

 Have you archived any awards for your work in fashion?
I only have been 'doing' fashion for a year! I only got one award and I am polishing it every day! I collect all my fashion passes, articles, photos etc. I got special box for that.

 What has been your favourite moment in your fashion career?
I got lots, but number one its going to have to be Leeds Fashion Show in 2010, that was my first show and I will never forget that, then Mercedes Benz Show in Malta, that was huge and I met so many fantastic people and getting the tile of Local Designer of The Year, yes I really needed that at that time as I started to having doubts in myself so that definitely bust my confident in what I am doing. But i honestly love every day of it as I am blessed with so many amazing people on that journey.

 Finally where do you see yourself and label in two years time?
No idea. I can dream, plan and hope...but I know I am going to carry on working hard and having fun the same time. I would love to go global with bo carter, I want to expand men wear, I want to do plenty more unusual shows, I want to carry on supporting charities and i would really like to meet Vivienne Westwood for a cup of tea.

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