Harrods Christmas Prade 2011

by - Thursday, November 03, 2011

Evening readers, I know it’s a month until Christmas however one of my favourite department store is celebrating Christmas quite early this year. The Famous department store Harrods is having their Christmas Parade on this Saturday 5th November. The department store is known for their early celebration for Christmas, with opening their Christmas World in the middle of August!

At the Parade there are going to a host of performers before Father Christmas arrives to take residency in the Grotto. The parade is going to be held in the streets of Knightsbridge. Here follows a timetable of events:

8am: The Pre-Parade show will start (best views will be from Basil Street behind Harrods)
8.30am: The Parade will arrive at Hans Road before turning on to Basil Street
8.50am: Father Christmas enters the store
9am: Harrods will open for business
0am: Father Christmas will receive his first visitor in the Grotto

You do not require a ticket to attend our Christmas Parade. All times are subject to alteration. For the special occasion the restaurants of Harrods are doing a special breakfast buffet. It will be a fabulous day for all the family.

To see the menu for Breakfast buffets Menu

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