Yves Saint Laurent autumn/winter menswear Paris

by - Friday, January 20, 2012

This morning we woke up to a very formal event indeed, with the Yves Saint Laurent’s gentlemen all dapper and tailored in their suits. Single to double breasted jackets with leather collars with a finishing off with long trousers. The suits came down the runway within the colour palette of the classic black suit.

Grey’s came down the runway within double breasted long coats, finely detailed with black smooth circles buttons panelling down the front of the coat. Tank tops came down with an under layer of a white long crisp white long sleeve shirts; which balanced the colour palette and also added layers.

Knitwear within the jumpers came singly down the runway with a under colour of black and a surface area of pattern of glowing white, which stood out from the black background. Leather was one of main features as the show came to the end. Featuring as trousers, short sleeve tees with an over a very long over coat. This was accessorized with a finishing off a skinny waist belt.

 The collections have a fresh crisp clean difference between them, with a helping within the materials and colour palette. As ever gentlemen just want the best out of their warobe simple and easy to wear stylish garments.

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