1st day of LFW: Central Saint Martins MA

by - Saturday, February 18, 2012

Last nights evening show which was a massive hit for the industries young talent at the Central Saint Martins Fashion collage, the collage students showed off their talent has their work took to the courtyard runway for the last show of the day.

The student’s collection was fun vibrant as fishnet knits came down the runway, with a strange inspirational pieces of newspaper or signage caught up amongst them.  Casual was one of the main topics within the collection featuring slouchy tunics. However the collection was more of an art of showing that fashion is a form of physical art as the models came down the runway with boxes fastened to them.

There was traditional ready to wear pieces which included Anne Thorbjornsen’s draped jersey streamlined pieces within a colour palette of grey, bright pops of colour of orange and blue with a detailing of mosaic and stick. Knitted grey jumpers with a panelling of patched skirts which were designed by Erin Einarsdottir. A cleverly combined pieces which reflected a sport yet gothic contemporary looks with pointed hoods, tunics with an under layering of white.  These pieces were accessorized by baseball caps and all cleverly designed by Sabrina Brytesson.

It was one fashion moment and a highlight of the young talent which we have in the industry and a very proud moment for the student’s family and friends as they sat within the audience for London Fashion Week’s last show of the day. 

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