1st day of London Fashion Week: Antoni & Alison autumn/winter 2012

by - Friday, February 17, 2012

                                        Afternoon readers,
A late show report from the first day of London Fashion Week, during the warm up to fashion week we have been seeing the excited build up around the social media platform twitter. Showcasing the fashion crowd getting ready for the next six days, featuring from invitations to seeing what they are wearing to the fashion week for this season.
The first show of the day was Antoni and Alison autumn, winter 2012 collection. This year is a fabulous return to London for fashion week, since the duo has had five years off the schedule since they have being preferring to show in a more presentational styled showcase of their past collections. Along with this remarkable return the duo are celebrating their mark of 25th   anniversary this year.

 The duo made their return to the courtyard catwalk venue within Somerset House with a very colourful and creative entrance, featuring simple wispy shift dressers, brocade, paper bag, and fringe collage, along within some very strange inspirations which lay between the embellishments of sequins.
This set your mind back to remembering that fashion is its own form of art, and that we can create anything into something physical which can make a statement or trend within the creative mind.

Happy return to London Fashion week and happy 25th anniversary

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