3rd day of #LFW: Mulberry

by - Sunday, February 19, 2012

Time to unlock the Mulberry autumn and winter collection…First show of the day it was time to put the key into the padlock and open up to a very starry show at Claridges Hotel.

Mulberry’s collection was a very furry one coat, body warmers. Along with a very cute little furry friend who walked down the runway in a Mulberry dog coat. From lace to leather duos, teddy bear coats and tiger prints. Textures Galore! Sculptured dresses came in shades of warm colour palette of orange. The collection was fun yet glossy.

Twinkling within the front row the stars shone brightly out. In attendance of the front row were Lana Del Rey, Michelle Williams, and Elizabeth Olsen. A light shone on the accessory Vogue Cover was showing off one of her handbags from her specially designed Del Rey bag which has been launched today.

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