Bonjour Paris!

by - Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bonjour Paris!
The fashion packs have come to Paris for fashion week, as an ending to the fashion month carousel. It's the right time to introduce, one of my fellow jewellers Jan Roberts. Roberts is the owner and designer for Jean Joaillerie.   Jean Joaillerie is an elegant, exclusive eco-friendly jewellers which explorers the world’s most stunning and versatile jewellery, all handmade in France.

Most recently Roberts has created the “Cinq ‘a Sept” collection. From head swizzling dual-purpose eco friendly necklace, O detachable penchant brooch all of these pieces in the collection explore the natural materials of vintage Bohemian crystal, semi precious gemstones. By handcrafting them Roberts gives them a personality and character, which will take you from the boardroom to the ballroom…And just about anywhere in between!

 Roberts Jewellery explores the heritage of the earth’s natural beauty. Using materials all sourced in France, from the gemstones to the meditation crystals. Each gem and jewel comes from the cultural artisans and the antique, bacchante markets France has to offer.   Along with adding the trends of accessory season to season, for autumn and winter 2012 Roberts has used Lilac, Turning this pantone colour into one beautiful statement of an accessory. From moonstone to Amethyst each piece is based on, a feature from the 19th century.

 If you like Paris, Vintage and coins you will fall in love with this handmade 16 inch suitor necklace, (this is one of my favourites) from 1951- 2000 the French Insigne “Miltaire de Beret Cavalrie”. Not only does this make a striking necklace with a 14 inch drop but it can also be worn on clothing. It’s an classic piece done by Roberts.

Each of Roberts’s pieces tells a story or a meaning with French history and culture. That’s why it’s a real treat to see these beautiful pieces of jewellery or own a piece of these fine accessories.  
That’s why I love Jan Roberts work.

To shop or find more information about the collections:
Telphone: +33631718258

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