Dolce and Gabbana autumn and winter 2012 collection

by - Monday, February 27, 2012

The show what everyone has been building up to and now it’sfinally here!Dolce and Gabbana autumn and winter 2012 collection, withina beautiful venue of glittering chandeliers covered in reeves of flowers.

Away from the natural beauty from above the runway wascovered in every inch with luxury and in person. The models showed that luxuryfor next season is definitely in trend as they covered every inch of space onthe runway.

Beautiful exquisite capes full of golden floral took to therunway, making a luxe dramatic effect of statement; the way they came down therunway was just fabulous.

It was just like if a pixie just blew a load of pixie dustupon the darkness of the black colour palette of garments.

Embellishment and frilled layered to lace dressers, alladored with the accessory of huge jewel earrings which shimmered under thechandeliers. Sheer froufrou blouses and dressers which had extended collarsgave a curvier shaping around the shoulders. The collection for next seasonshould us four elements of a story which was fore filled throughout thegarments rich, opulent, romantic, and ornate.

The show and the collection was just a delight! 

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