Prada autumn and winter 2012 collection

by - Friday, February 24, 2012

Prada gave us a purple mosaic patterned making a runway statement. Autumn and winter collection was all about casting of black with adding an option for a head to toe in colourful patterns, accessorized with beauty of jewels.
   Collared black coats and trouser suits gave a serious tailored look with the palette orange, blue, purple, black and white. Jackets were belted giving a wrapped up feeling against the cold weather for next season.

  Trousers were short at the ankle showing off the sculpted accessory of brogues.

A clownish effect came into the collection with large white, boxy, glossy hemlines of long sleeveless coats which feel open over a-line wrapped rounded skirts. Full length leggings and vests tops gave a winter midriff. A tailored bomber shaped jacket took to the runway adding a bold statement.
  Fuchsia mosaic prints made the presence of colour as the lack of it, could be seen within the collection as it appeared on the runway.

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