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by - Tuesday, February 14, 2012

There always something which relaxes you and calm your senses down before you think of the negative effect during the situation, even though you do your best to do everything to stop it happening or going out of order. It also seems something always comes up.
 Now this happens when its time for fashion week. Before any fashion week the industry is preparing for everything to run smoothly. Even designers to PR girls have to go through this process of having everything done and making sure everything is done to the last little bit of detail, however as I said before something always comes up which can add to your schedule along with adding a positive or negative effect.

Through the long term we stick at it even though you know back of your mind your brain is saying that you’re tired or I can’t send another email. You still do the opposite of sending that email and carrying on with your job. You’ll end up loving what you are doing. That’s what happens when you work within the fashion industry or any other industry.

On the other hand you can still be prepared for this by planning out or collecting information you need to know just in case anything does not according to plan. This planning and making sure you know every single detail is your back up. However this is not your escape route. You still have to stick to and go over what needs sorting out to make sure that show runs smoothly.
This will show your employee’s and peers that you can handle pressure and different situations.  

Everything is ready and let the show begin.
Now that’s a fashion wrap.

Until next time readers,
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