Karl Lagerfeld launches new website

by - Tuesday, March 20, 2012

After the hype of the end of last year running up to KarlLagerfeld’s new collection Karl, finally revealing it to the fashion crowd thisyear at unit 3 within Covent Gardens London. Lagerfeld’s label has now gonedigital with his new website: www.karl.com

  Lagerfeld’s new sitefeatures a very welcoming banner advertising his new short movie The New Mix,along with menswear and womenswear spring/summer 2012 collections. The website allowsyou to locate yourselves in the online stores which are based in: the UK,France, Germany,and Italy.

  A highlight withinLagerfeld’s new website it allows you to access, into the world of KarlLagerfeld.

  You can go into thefour elements which make up Lagerfeld: art and culture, editions with fashionand design, ‘oh did I mention the Karlisms?’, finally let Lagerfeld take you ona journey throughout his travels.

Take a look for yourselves


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