Live post: Costume National

by - Sunday, March 04, 2012

Just after an hour withinviewing the collection, here is a live report on Costume National autumn andwinter collection. There was a brave music choice within the air of footfalls,whilst the models took to the runway with their twirls.

  Patent leather skinny pants to navy coats andwith the bold accessory of giant fedoras graced the runway. Make up created a modernmonochromatic look. Leather and high collared garments made a statement of darkness.Tree branched prints along with, lovely slouchy trousers which were slung atthe hip added volume and shape to the collection.

  Leather added detail to coats, pants, skirts,and dressers. The collection added the look of the peplum between tops andtrousers, which spelled out incredible.  Mid length leather boots were teamed up withlong over coats and sunglasses. Black jumpers were covered in a tree branchprints. White shirts were tucked into leather pencil skirts. Shearling of blackfurs added a cover up effect which was used with body warmers and coats.

The collection for next fall is all about symphony in Black.

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