Mugler autumn and winter 2012

by - Thursday, March 01, 2012

Angels walked the runway lightening up and purifying the darkness of the venue, in a perfect Mugler way.
   Models came in two and three’s down the runway adding a touch of the idea of symmetry with their protective and pronounced silhouettes.

   Jackets turned into the part of characterisation by the way they were folded to create wings and three warriors. Skirts veered off to the side creating the elusion of fins. Corsets showed the shaping of the models hips and the sculpting of the way the shoulders were became more raised, all in the angelic colour palette.

  Colour blocking came in with bright colour statement of white and dark orange. Cyborg styled looks took to the runway, with the hooding of blackness.

A train of thought of impact came into the presence of the show

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