On location...

by - Tuesday, March 13, 2012

During the weekend myself and my close siblings was on location within the most beautiful places of all villages, cities, and towns. I was at Skipton. It was beautiful, with the little street markets which were selling handbags, little accessories of bangles, watches and jewellery. I’m quite pleased the weather was warm and sunny without the case of being cold and wet, due to the traditional English weather.

   As we made our way to through the market street stalls we stop and picked up lunch from Skipton’s most famous pie shop. (Except I didn’t have one of those pies, I tucked into one of their fresh and warm sausage rolls). Peggy collection knitwear pieces were on show since it made my outfit made while. Peggy’s garments are so cute and soft to wear.

Whilst we’re on location we also took the opportunity to get the camera out, to do some work on photography along with testing out my new devices and gadgets. We we’re up and everywhere whilst going round Skipton’s most famous castle, detailing the historical nature of the past. We also had time to pop to Skipton’s most famous sweet shop, which even sells Wonka Bars…

These pictures are from the grounds of Skipton Castle

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