Jean Joaillerie - Summer of earrings began!

by - Wednesday, May 23, 2012

About a couple of months ago, I wrote about a French jeweller Jan Roberts and her jewellery brand Jean Joaillerie. Most recently she has been busy within making a new collection for next season. However for a special “one off” Roberts has created a summer collection of earrings. Naming the collection  “A summer of earrings” These earrings reflect the beautiful light of summer and the summer sun.

Lumiere came across my eye as I searched into Robert’s jewellery box of work. Lumiere is a gold maurano glass chandelier dangle earrings which feature hand blown gold murano glass, date de verre beads and a crystal baton from a vintage French chandelier designed as a clip on earrings, this one of kind piece combines pieces using different glass techniques, as well as up cycling baton from a vintage chandelier.

  Dramatic and elegant, as bold as they fragile they are the summer statement piece made to reflect the beautiful light of the summer sun.
Twinkling crystals came from vintage turtle crystal chandelier earrings, as I continued my search as I found these have two uses of being a statement accessory.

These earrings are made from two vintage crystal brooches Roberts found at the antique markets and two crystal chandelier pieces. They have been made for pierced ears and when not in use as earrings each can be worn as a brooch( the pierced earring tucks quite easily between the brooch pin and one of their little paws) as the brooch clips have been left on the back of each turtle. Let the eco friendly glamour take place with the length of being 14.5m/5.5 inch these vintage earrings, you can dangle them upon jackets or ears to twinkle out into the night.

 As I searched through the jewellery box of Roberts work it was like a mid-summer nights dream, as I came across “Kaleidoscope”.  

  These bejewelled colours of warmth…An inch clip of earrings changed colour constantly as the light dances off your every move. Memorizing both for long summer and nights

Uniqueness of a piece from Roberts work came out to the surface with a faceted vintage crystal keychain. As Roberts put it this keychain is “the way to Add A Bit of Sparkle to Your Life Every and makes a stunning and affordable gift. The perfect gift idea for bridesmaids, birthdays...This useful piece can also double as decor for event planners. Placing one of these on each plate will add sparkle to a table and serve as an unforgettable souvenir of a beautiful event.

Take a dip into Roberts’s jewellery box via: facebook  Twitter @jeanjoaillerie

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