Travel Edit 2: Her Majesty's Royal Britannia

by - Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We never expected this little trip to turn into an important one, I could be sure of it…. Travelling to Edinburgh we stopped at one experience one would not forget.
We went aboard Her Majesty’s Royal Britannia Yacht. Dressed to our best, we went a board.
From the State Dinner dinning room to seeking what was for dinner. The menu included the featuring soup, Scottish lobster, beef with vegetables, finally a sorbet.

  Heading to the drawing room there was a beautiful bouquet, there was time to play a game of tri-dominos.  To end the pleasure of been aboard we headed to the tea room, of scones and tea on deck. Afterwards we headed to the new and old part of Edinburgh, for some retail therapy and some sightseeing.

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