Accessories: The childhood memory boot comes together with Liberty Prints..

by - Tuesday, May 01, 2012

One of the most have accessories within ones childhood and still now a lover of these boots can be worn with many different outfits, all weather circumstances, and every bump and stub you will get into. 
The classic Dr. Marten has collaboration with one of my department stores most wonderful world of prints which you can have anywhere from the office stationary to your own bedding, I give you Liberty London prints…  Today the collection has been launched online and store today.

My love for Liberty’s prints is expressed due to the excitement and beauty they desire.

   The collection is inspired by ‘wild nature which is a celebration of the refined beauty of floras Liberty prints as to offer. You can choose between leather satchels or classic five, seven, and eight hole boots. When bought each pair will receive a complimentary strawberry thief tote bag! (two Liberty print pieces for one not bad).
Liberty Prints Dr, Martens collection consists of blue canvas Celine oxford shoes which as you look down through the shoes these celine oxford shoes turn from colour block of shoe into one floral explosion! A flower explosion continues throughout the collection as you get into the accessories of the satchels. These floral explosions of accessories prices start at £105- £195...

Are you going to explode this season’s biggest trend with these flower floral statements of accessories?

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