Bocarter Fashion newly opening boutique set to open

by - Monday, May 21, 2012

Last couple of weeks ago thefounder and head designer of Bo carter Fashion emailed me with something youcannot leave…Bozena Carter has decide to open up here own boutique of thecollections of her own designs.  
  The date for this grand opening is on the 1st June 2012.. I can give you a very specific insight what you’regoing to be expecting…

   Bo carter’s new boutique will be opened by DebbieVan Putten. Here is what Bonzena had to say “I knowDebbie via MOD and I totally admire her and her story.

When I waschoosing who I want to invite to do an honour I didn’t really want 'any'celebrity I wanted someone with meaning, someone I admire and someone nice.Debbie is just the person, when she said yes, I was over the moon, she did mentionbefore she wanted to wear my clothes so I was like: hell yeah!”

  For the decoration of the boutique they areinviting photographer Ben Cumming, who shot their collection last year tophotography shoots to create a full wall of gallery shoots. Following thatthere will be allocated to sculptures.  Duringthe interview Bonzena mention “They are work of Martian Ballroom Production,you got to see it to believe it, and they are amazing. We having plan forauction them in future for charities. For the night they building spacey flyingmachine, which we going to do shoot with Debbie to promote her trip to spaceand I’m designing some funky cool outfit for that.”

  In the shop there is going to be garments fromthe Bo carter collections along with more designers including Bonzena’s workand friendship: Fashion pony, Jag Kaur, Marina Makaron “(really cool designer from Russia) she is truly amazing,” and my Twins.

  Here is what Bonzena had to say about thiswhole new business adventure:

“I alwayswanted my own space and when opportunity arrived in Central Arcade I couldn’t say no. I’m blessed and solucky to be around so many amazing people, who simply want to help out and bepart of Bo carter boutique (bo'tique) it would never happened without them.

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