Dior Star Exhibition

by - Friday, May 11, 2012

Tomorrow across the channel in the city of love and couture… In Paris inside the Christian Dior Museum is the opening of the Dior Star Exhibition.
Dior’s star exhibition will be open to the public tomorrow until 23rd September.
The exhibition will feature looking back out the women throughout history, who have worn the labels clothes. Along with recent pictures of its current fragrances musses, Miss Dior…Natalie Portman and Charize Thsoron. 

 The museum will also showcase achieve images of Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly. Following in Dior’s couture footsteps the museum will be featuring the fashion houses graceful elegant collections...
To celebrate you can also purchase the book.

The book is released in France this month so if you’re coming across the channel you can purchase the book now. However if your staying the UK it will be released in September 2012. Featuring inside the book is 250 black & white and colour images of the most beautiful stars wearing even more beautiful creations from the Hour of Dior, collection of its fragrances and advertisements musses. Finally with the featuring House of Dior gowns which have been worn by countless actresses in more than 90 films; the first in 1942.
You can get yours for £45 or pre order it now.

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