Guest blog: Katy Smith

by - Wednesday, May 02, 2012

For today’s guest blog I thought it would be nice idea to take a view into one of dearest lover of all shoes, beauty, and lives life with an element of enjoyment, a personal shopper, and now a part of the blogging world. I give you Katy Smith.

   Katy Smith is a lover of the finer things in life! She is a keen follower of fashion but an avid fan of trends. Her closet is classically driven and buys shapes and colours that suites her.

  “If I purchase something that is fashionable then that is more coincidence than purpose. Lets be honest, who has the budget to buy quirky one off pieces? When I spend money, I want to ensure that I get my wear out of it. We all buy those “one off” frocks special occasions but that’s the expectation, rather than the rule”.  

  Katy is very well known for her connection with the famous department store Harrods, through the eyes of the social media platform twitter. Which brings out the fashion moment of the fashionable fabulous style she has… thanks to her mum.

  “I’m a firm believer in money cannot buy style. My mum has always been very stylish and glamour’s, so I have definitely followed her lead”.

  During her childhood Katy bought her first ever beauty product from Clarins. Since she has had her foot in the beauty halls of most the respectable stores, she has had the luck of good that her sister worked within cosmetics for eight years Clarins and Dior, following her sister’s footsteps working at Debenhams. Katy has been exposed to all these gorgeous brands in the beauty hall.

    Today Katy has stepped into the blogging world, with her blog Fabulicious..
“I’ve always looked after my skin and looked after myself. I was always tweeting about latest purchases, fabulous skin care and cosmetics. People were always seeking my advice on fashion and cosmetics. I’d so I thought I’d give it a go.”

" It's been a pleasure to feature you. Thank you Katy.
Katy is such a beautiful inspiration to me when I need advice within looking after myself and within the make up studio."

 You can enter the beauty of Katy’s blog here

You can see her latest purchases and get advice via twitter...

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