Boldness Beginning to the menswear SS13 season Topman

by - Friday, June 15, 2012

Today the menswear season for spring and summer 2013 have started with a very bold bright statement started…
  Topman started off with the elements of suit to be with blazer and shorts however they brought the sunshine out with the under layer f printed bright striped shirts featuring the harmony palette of colours yellow, blue, with hint of orange. All surround by the masculine tailoring of the elements of a grey suit.

  Casually down the runway the stripes turned as a coat and shirt was replaced by a printed black and white tee featuring outlines of images and texts however, with the keeping of the shorts.

  Knitwear came in cool calm collective colour palette as jumpers in wish washy blue and greens. Coming through was a sporty element breeze of summer through the inspiration of pink baseball tees with paisley shorts, along with a beanie and sunglasses.

  Florala’s made a come back through the bold statement of pinks featuring through blazers and trousers, which really works within adding a feminine side along with that mixture of masculine tailoring from the blazer and trousers to the brogues.

  Tie dye is one of the most statement colour feature of the collection which features very cleverly of how the Topman has done this technique. Through stripes, floral, graphics of loves mixed with the suiting elements of masculine tailoring…

  All finished off with the perfect pair of brogues.

 It was the perfect showing off how style is important to men, along showing us how to add a spring and summer element to your closet with adding that extra tailored feature too. Brilliant way to start the season Topman!

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