Christian Dior Pre Spring and Summer 2013

by - Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Christian Dior pre spring and summer 2013 collection is the opening to a feminine floral world beyond the ballerina fall collection. The collection is the most graceful spring and summer I have yet seen between, the catwalk collections.
   Dior’s pre spring and summer gracefully endues a sporty side featuring a baseball cap whilst keeping to the classic colour blocking of garments in black and white however, the black is more captured in Dior’s tailoring of blazers, shift dressers, along with little blouses and high waist trousers.
White is captured through the most elegant way you may see white been used. It’s either shown as a whole outfit with legging and shift dress, finished of with accessories of peep toe wedges and belt.

   Floral’s beautifully come together through shirts with an outline of black, which just gave the shirt a more definition. You can either find them in rows within the foreground of a colour blocked white skirt. Or you can either have a whole outfit of this elegance of floral’s through a one of my favourite dressers, of the collection.

  Amongst the classic colour blocks and floral’s Dior has added a more lushers girly pink into the colour palette.

  It adds softness to collection; which I love!

The pinkness adds a delight touch of feminist to the Dior’s girl pre spring and summer closet featuring a shift dress with a floral neckline of contrasting flowers which made it so adorable.

  Shades of blues came into the collection which adds another dimension to the Dior’s colour palette through little dressers, tailored jackets, to a sporty version of cap. Red’s add a classic touch through tailored blazer, ballerina skirts, which just are finished off with little matching accessories.

  Finally to end the collection Dior finishes with a sparkle!

Whilst featuring a small showcase of Miss Dior handbags.

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