Erdem pre spring and summer 2013

by - Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Florala’s to my ears Erdem! Erdem’s pre season collection features the most yet seen of Florala’s of his collections I must say…

  These beautiful Florala’s come in colour palette of the shades of blues with a tailoring of bodices with a sided detailing of a blue floral pattern which works so well with the white background.  A part from the featuring of dressers and bodices Erdem has taken the florala’s through into the womenswear staple of suit and blazers, which makes it even easier for the Erdem girl to work the pre season collection without being too springy.

  Lace also comes through with the same colour palette however; Erdem has paired the floral print dressers with another colour palette of pink and black. Which work show why he has put these two pieces work together.

  Tweeded skirts to paisley tops which break up the colour palette which has been already featured in the pre collection. It also gets the feeling that the collection is for spring and summer with the quirky version of garments Erdem has used.

  Finally a piece of swimwear also features a floral statement…

Well I definitely see these floral becoming a big trend for September’s catwalks.

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