Jonathan Saunders Spring and Summer 2013

by - Saturday, June 16, 2012

The one what we were waiting for...
As you came into the world of overwhelmed colour all of your senses become powerfully over seen by geometrical patterns - stripes, dots and tiny rectangles. We definitely had come into the world of Jonathan Saunders.

A rainbow of colour was the objective of the menswear collection for the spring and summer season. Which I thought was most appropriate for this season. Saunders menswear collection offer a sleek style of knitwear, printed in microscopic circles mixing in with the change of colour palette ruining from light blue to blood-red orange.

A case of brightly yellow burst of sunshine shone down the runway through a sweater.

The jackets and shirts alternate their colour palettes which just gave the collection an extra burst of colour, colouring popping from yellow to green and, to the classic combination of black and white.

A masculine format of pinstripes was wide a part colour-blocked in black and white or olive, appearing sharply cut suites.

Saunders collection for spring and summer 2013 was an Amazonian habitat adding a formal serious to the Saunders Man's closet and profile from, Saunders latest showing in Milan for the autumn and winter 2012 season.

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