Marc by Marc Jacobs

by - Thursday, June 14, 2012

Marc how I love to see colour for this time of year!
  Marc by Marc Jacobs pre collection is must have for any closet…

Jacobs this time for this pre collection has used flowers for prints which makes a good draping dress with a popping of colours; I must say at least. The flowers get bolder and bigger as you go through the collection due to the foreground of colourful flowers, with a perfect harmony two colour blocked background.

 This works really well together…

 Cheques come in place with bright polo shirts of pink and yellow or either a mixture of chequer’s of blue, yellow, and pink. These follow through to a dark palette of purple and black poker dots front of dress, and then behind you have a continuation of a chequed print. It’s very clever of how Jacobs has done it.

  Colouring blocking came through which powerfully broke up the use of the floras and the additional prints which Jacobs have featured. Featuring use of bright colours from orange, purple, even yellow and pink featuring a metallic stripes.

  Marc Jacobs have definitely brought the girl back for this pre spring and summer collection. Very much looking forward to seeing the actually collection.

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