Prada Menswear Spring and Summer 2013

by - Sunday, June 24, 2012

A fantastic place to be seated where ever the seating plan took you too, Prada spring and summer 2013 menswear collection allowed you to see the very best of viewing the collection. This was because the models walked straight passed you.

A white runway and show space was lit up in white lights it time to take to the runway...

Prada’s first look was a navy blue suit with an under layer of a tailored white shirt. However, the suit became more relaxed due to the fact the jacket was more loosely opened, with the removal of the shirt and replaced by a tee.

Swagger and pants of different stripes should through the collection.

Stripes continued to make a feature with little details on trousers, following a school work school life and a no sweat themed garments which worked on the male and female models who took to the runway. Miuccia taught us all a lesson in cleanness, chic lines in a monochrome colour palette. However there was a classic Prada look featured in the collection, kind of Margot Tennenbaum and Richie Tennenbaum.

The only thing which we all spotted was that the collection featured the fact there were only seven different pieces in total! The collection was reworked into a light of seeing things in a different way along with, a touch of recolouring to inject more colours into the collection.

Finale was finished off with a bow by the lady herself Miuccia Prada.

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