Roksanda IInic Pre SS13

by - Thursday, June 14, 2012

A simple way to get the collection starts ahead of September showing spring and summer season. Roksanda Ilinic pre collection starts with the simple black and white colour palette with a featuring through tunics, trousers, dress, mini skirts, along with cropped cape jacket suit. All of these simple coloured block garments of monochrome have a little sparkle about them; it’s what they are made out of which gives them that metallic feel...
 Graphics come through the collection with the use of white along with a pink poppy print centre piece of surface decoration. This use of graphic use of the colour palette of pink, white, and black comes through dress but each dress has either a colour block background of one of these colours then in the foreground you have a little detail out of one the two colours left from the chosen palette.

Floras come in beautifully with a full jumpsuit and dress, perfect for breaking up the monochrome palette…

 The use of graphics comes back into play with another colour palette theme of black, blue, and orange. This is used in the same way as the colour palette of pink, white, and black.

  A powerful statement of redness comes into the collection which features has colour blocking garments through dressers, trench coats, and even feature as a leather garment...

  Roksanda has used the perfect colours to get the Roksanda girl’s closet prepared for SS13.

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