Street Style: A Painted World

by - Friday, November 09, 2012

During my time on the social media platform twitter, I also seem to find a lot of new and existing talent which standout of from the crowd of the tweeting world.
 My newly discovered talent is through one of my dear street style bloggers who is based in Japan and her street style is everywhere….

  She has been blogging since November 2011 along with being the age eighteen, during her first couple of years of blogging and street style has taken off with some stride... In my own words a street style surprise!


@P4IN_T is her twitter handle to her journey through day to day life of being a fashionista and her diary of her closet of street style. Every moment of her tweets seems to capture that fashion moment, which equals a delight to her followers as she tweets about the closet chooses she makes along with experimenting delights with colour, prints, accessories, and shaping of garments.

 Which I find exciting!

  If you go over a 140 words there is another world to her street style and every day life in small slots enter the painted world…

  Her blog features images and mood boards of her everyday and closet selections. From yummy food of her day to day culinary world to the little small details her closet offers her readers. These little details include her beautiful necklaces which hang with a detailing of feathers, crosses, beading, and small detailed circles.

 Talking on the line of beautiful her blog also features the beauty side of her too with her beauty insights of her make up. For her latest beauty post she has featured her eye shadow; this makes a good way to recommend produces.

   You can also enter photographic world through her instagram and have a fashion moment featured in your instagram.

I would like to see her attend fashion week, with her street style. ( That’s the main moment of a fashion week along with the collections which show on the runway).

  It’s also away to help promote her street style as well…

     It’s been my pleasure to feature you on my blog.

Enter her world:
@P4IN_T     Enter the painted world  

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