Accessories: Victoria, Victoria Beckham Scarf's

by - Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Morning readers, Over the weekend I was in the shopping spree moment if you were in the moment of the tweeting over the weekend, you would have spotted that myself and my peers were out in a fashion and retail therapy moment.

 This was because; the Victoria by Victoria Beckham collection had arrived within the Selfridges lower ground floor.  I have already seen the dress collection before however; my mother has never seen it. Along with visiting other stores between the retail therapy moments I’m going through at the moment.

  However the collection was only small covering two small rails featuring Beckham’s sister line which featured the drop T-shirt dress in the colour palette of blue, grey, orange blanket, with a jacquard drop waist to swan collar dress was colour blocked in black and dark blue. The dressers were perfect in showing Beckham’s more girly side.

There were two dressers which made myself and my mother go wow...

  These two dressers were the sleeveless contrast jacquard dress and the print pleat skirt dress I think this was down to the slivery prints which made a bold statement. From the other collections around which was Lanvin and Burberry.

  Speaking of Burberry the sales assistant which was in the Burberry department was showing much excitement myself was showing, as we continued to look into the collection.

  Spotted at the back was the sister lines new added detail which was the scarf’s

 (These can be foundat These scarfs’s come in a charming way with the colour block of red and brown, whilst paying homage to Emily Strange, featuring the illustrated cat print that was seen throughout the collection, with a fringed detailing.

  Overall the shopping spree was a total fashion moment between the words of spectacular Selfridges staff and excellent customer service from Debenhams, John Lewis and the stores I visited.

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