British Fashion Match

by - Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Morning readers,
   It’s a tee time Tuesday!

Designers Roksanda Llincic to Richard Nicoll, have created bright and essential staple of anyone’s closet or top draw in order to raise money for charity. This charity tee time collaboration is partnered up with Matches.

  Matches new charity collection serves up a floral treat with the hint of a screen print of a light blue in the foreground, underneath the simple innocence of whiteness. This tee has been cleverly done by Richard Nicoll. However as you move on into the tee’s featured in this collection Holly Futon has created a more African inspirited boldness, through colours and patterns which really make a bold statement in the foreground whilst keeping the background the simply white; making the tee work the colours.

  Flowers are lovely way to have a burst of colour to any particular item in your closets ladies and gentlemen. You will like how Johnathon Saunders have used brightly colour palette of block colours; almost like his own take on pop art through a coloured blocking picture of flowers. Erdem continued this theme of using flowers however, this time I changed the concept of the volume of flowers featured. Instead of a bunch of flowers, he has created a neat row of flowers in colour blocked primary colours within the top half of the tee.

  One of our London designers JW Anderson took blue from the primary colour palette and turned into a pattern mixed with other secondary colours. The pattern created really works with orange background, whilst prisms work the foreground.

  Typewriting keys came into the print equation by Mary Katrantzou.

Sporting the primary colours of yellow and blue Roksanda Llincic’s tee took a sporty playful twist featuring as a tank top.

 Finally the queen of the jungle (or should I say queen of the collection) stood proudly wearing her crown as leopard spots made a pattern, amongst the beauty of nature’s graceful leopard. This animal portrait tee was created by Herself magazine.

  Overall I think the collection is a very good quality for the price which has not been confirmed. However it’s all for a good cause!

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