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by - Thursday, July 19, 2012

Afternoon reads, It’s one more day until I go away for my summer vacation however, I’ll be back blogging in a short while ahead of the fashion month gossip, pre season spring and summer 2013 collections. Along with new store opens and collection launches…
During early this afternoon whilst checking emails and replying to them I came across Burberry’s email underneath a sheer of gold…

Burberry’s email was about their new jewellery collection which I thought it was very unique and different.

Burberry’s jewellery is inspired by Burberry’s runway collection; each piece is interracially handcrafted for a unique finish.

  Firstly the metal owl ring caught my eye with its colour palette of antique gold, with an intricate detailing of owls ahead. Following on the animal theme continues into the jewellery collection with a second helping of an intricate fox head, upon the antique gold metal chain. The fox head continues to feature upon as a ring and a bangle which features the head and the tail of a fox, all in the same colour palette of the metal chain.

  Patterns of mosaics are a bold feature with necklaces made out of Perspex and brass in the colour palettes of orange ochre and grey. This distinctive mosaic pattern also features upon a ring with initial of triangles, in the same colour palette as the necklace.

  Geometric Perspex bangles are a highlight of the collection due to the fact of there unique pattern.  The geometric patterned bangles feature in the colour palettes of orange and black, brown and black all in the sizes of small, medium, and large.

  Colouring blocking comes into play within Burberry’s jewellery with a classic bangle in an elegant marbleized finish in the colour palette of kelp green, plum, and turmeric yellow and bright tortoiseshell.

  Python’s plays within Burberry jewellery box within the shaping of a bangle within the colour palette of bright tortoiseshell, with the detailing finish of a metal surround. However this look comes into play with different looks and adjustments. The python bangle comes as a cuff within adjustable buckle closure in the colour palette of kingfisher and trench.

  As I finish my final exploration of Burberry’s jewellery box the final pieces feature as a cuff again with a monochrome colour palette of twill along with, being engraved with Burberry’s logo.

  All of the pieces within Burberry’s jewellery box can be found is in the pricing between £125-£700 so you can indulge your jewellery box, friend or partner without breaking the bank.

Dip yourself into Burberry's Jewellery Box

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