Jean Joaillerie Accessory Shoot

by - Tuesday, July 31, 2012

  Afternoon readers,
  Following the accessories post of scarf’s I thought it would be appropriate to share with you a latest  accessories shoot, which features one of the blog’s new talent that is the Jean Joaillerie label. Over last weekend Jan Roberts who is the founder of this elegant French jewellery label, was in Switzerland for her jewellery labels first ever shoot. The shoot features some stunningly beautiful designs... Let’s dip into the accessory shoot...

The first shoot was on the spotlight of "NUIT BLANCHE" and "ONYX" from the "CINQ à SEPT" Collection. This piece from Jean Joaillerie’s jewellery box is Dual-Purpose Eco-Friendly Necklace with a detachable Pendant that can also be worn as a brooch.
As Roberts says “The Best of Both Worlds with Two Pieces of Exquisite Jewellery in One!”
Onyx" From the New "Cinq a Sept Collection.... Features Black Onyx Gemstones & Bohemian Crystal from an Early 1900's Glass Curtain. "Nuit Blanche" features white opal gemstones and bohemian crystal from a 1900's glass curtain.
A Show Stopping Piece That Will Take You From the Boardroom To The Ballroom......And Just About Anywhere In Between!

All of the materials used are sourced in France and of the very finest quality. The gemstones used are healing and meditation crystals and are sourced from local artisans and the antique and brocante markets in France. They source directly from Brazil, Madagascar, Egypt and other countries. The quality and authenticity of these stones are unsurpassed.

   Following from the little details of the pedant brooch the shoot moved on to a very simple necklace however, as always Roberts simple approach  turns into a statement which is what a piece of jewellery wants to be. The Lustre necklace is

Multi faceted Vintage Clear Crystal Necklace in a Solitaire Setting on a gold toned aluminium chain. The teardrop shaped crystal is from a vintage chandelier and sourced at the antique and brocante markets in France.

  Finally onto the last piece which was shot in Switzerland was striking it into more depth in detail than size. This was a chocker collection which is apart of the “Vintage and Velt” approach Roberts has created within the Jean Joaillerie collection.

  The Irreproachable et Joyeux Is Striking In Tones Of red, gold, blue and Black With The Phrase "Irreprochables et Joyeux" Framing A Silver Mythical Animal On The Medal. This eco-friendly handcrafted collection uses the finest velvet, high quality non tarnish metal chains and collectors item vintage military medals on leather found at the antique and brocante markets in France.

These adjustable chokers are one and a half inches in width and sixteen inches in length with a three inch Velcro strip sewn into the back for a streamlined look and easy access.

Each piece is an original and adds originality and chic elegance to jackets, coats,casual wear,sweaters,dresses- just about anything !

You can dip yourself into the Jean Joaillerie Jewellery Box:
To shop or find more information about the collections:
Telphone: +33631718258

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