Mulberry's Maisie

by - Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You have already seen Mulberry’s new member for their IT handbags on the runway at London fashion week within the Claridge’s ballroom, whilst sitting next to its muse Lana Del Rey... I’m sorry to say that Del Rey handbag is not one of Mulberry’s newest handbags now.

  However Mulberry has made sure us fashionista’s can keep our stylish fingertips holding our beloved Mulberry’s accessories all year round. To compromises on that Mulberry lovers (including myself) love the IT bags from Bayswater to Alexa...

Even though sometimes they do sell out before you have change to get your finger tips on them.
Mulberry’s Maisie will replace this problem of Mulberry bags selling out.

  Mulberry’s Maisie is set to hit our department stores now until September, ahead of when Mulberry showcase their spring and summer 2013 collection.

  Maisie will feature in three different types featuring The North South Tote, The East West Tote, and the pouch. These three Maisie handbags will feature in the colour palettes of oak, black, and flame.

  Thank you Mulberry for making Mulberry for making the Maisie to keep our accessories in check all year round!

* Grazia. I have put these images together by paint so you can see them all together

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