A sociable splash out!

by - Friday, August 31, 2012

Yesterday could not have gone any better!  I managed to add some socializing to my agenda, whilst prepping for next week...

  I was round at one of my dearest peer’s house amongst with D (which is quite rare in some cases due to the fact, was all so busy with our own lives)  It was time to bring back the old days, of being around and having fun in the kitchen. We held our luncheon in C’s kitchen making our traditional meal which is cheesy pasta...

  This meal goes way back with us three. We all got around C’s cupboards finding the ingredients of pasta, cheese, and cooking equipment.

   Here is the recipe – perfect for lunch, tea or supper with your girlfriends, friends, or the family or even when you’re back at school or college.


1.      Choose which pasta you want from penne to spaghetti

2.      Depending how many of you there is get a normal cereal bowl and fill them with raw pasta before cooking. (If there are more than three of you, I would suggest using a baking dish which is quite deep. Perfect for large numbers.)

3.      Sorted out the amount of pasta you are cooking. Fill a reasonable sized sauce pan with water and put the pasta in. Cook on the hop until the pasta is cooked.

4.      Make sure the pasta is not too hard and not too soft but, just right.

5.      Whilst the pasta is cooking share out the grating of the cheese (you can choose any cheese you would like). Grate the cheese onto a saucer & place in the middle of the table. Or like we did on the breakfast bar.

6.      When the pasta is cooked share it out…

7.      Sprinkle the grated cheese onto the pasta on your dish.

8.      Keeping on adding the grating cheese throughout eating the pasta whilst it’s warm.

·        Tip:  If you want to do it another way, which would be to make a cheese sauce instead of adding grated cheese to the pasta. It’s perfect for larger numbers. Just follow the pasta cooking instructions. However just add the pasta into a baking dish and cover it with the pasta sauce you have made, or from a jar, or follow the packet instructions of cheese sauces you can get from the supermarket. Then put into the oven to make a cheesy pasta bake.

Finally add a piece of garlic bread to finish off this yummy but simple meal.

I must say we have this meal when were all around because, it’s so simple to make however sometimes we do swap it for baking...

Since we were all free yesterday we decided to hit the pool. Which could not have not gone any better because, the pool was quiet I went in true dkny style with one of their towels and one of my favourite bathing suits.

  It was a very sociable splash out!

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