Closet Staple: Victoria Beckham Denim SS12

by - Friday, August 10, 2012

She lives in the sunny hills of Los Angeles with launching her brand back in 2008 Beckham is on the runway of trends and press throughout, her movement of the seasons.  Since developing her sister line it has brought out the girly side of her which has come across more playful and girly.
  Speaking on the terms playful Victoria Beckham’s spring and summer 2012 denim collection just shots that word into action, through the camera lens. Beckham’s denim collection for this summer brings the Victoria girl, out into the open sunshine of the urban city.

  The collection for this summer features multi block vest in yellow/ slouchy boot cut in sun bleached in blue, coming chilling on a wall overlooking the city a Victoria vest in black with twist ankle zip in delta comes into the shoot. The shoot follows the Victoria girl into amongst the walls of building whilst being surrounding by the sunshine, sporting a mesh black skinny vest in blue marle with tux skinny in delta.  

   Super Skinny jeans come into a white hue with brown suede ankle boots. A sporty element of the shoot comes into play with Beckham’s first ever feature of joggers in grey marle with a drape black vest top.  Tie Dye comes into the sun setting colour palette through a vest top and shorts. Finally the shoot finishes with cobalt Victoria vest with ankle panel skinny jeans in granite.

  This is definitely the perfect collection for that sporting edge of summer whilst never taking the girl out of the city.

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