Is Choupette taking over Karl Lagerfeld's spotlight?

by - Tuesday, August 07, 2012

One of the coolest Chanelettes around I must say, with the title of princess Choupette and being Lady Lagerfeld she lives a lifestyle that any puss will want. Featuring the talents she has on her Ipad, whilst being taken care of by her maids and doctors every ten days.  Choupette Lagerfeld lifestyle out of the ordinary for any cat or ourselves.

However is Choupette taking the spotlight of Karl Lagerfeld?
Reports suggest Mr. Lagerfeld is set to be concerned over spotlight coverage…
Well this morning pictures have come in regarding Choupette, for ID magazine featuring up to ten shots. The stills feature Choupette in array of poses with her blue eyed beauty. All in view however she looks so cute and true…

  Do you think Choupette is taking Mr. Lagerfeld spotlight?

* Images grazia

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