EJM Beauty: Ted Baker Beauty part 1: Ted's Top Draw

by - Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I have recently had a comment left on one of my pins which features a Ted Baker make up item of lipstick. Saying I didn’t know that Ted Baker even did a make up range. Well I’m about to let you into my very own Ted Baker beauty box which came as a present to me.
The beauty box features in two draws which are beautiful detailed with a over of Ted’s classic colour palette of pink and black. These draws feature the make up equipment and products to be used within your day to day beauty regime.

  Starting with the brushes in the top draw which are the featuring the eyeshadow and lip brush along with an eyelash comb. From the eyelash comb Ted’s draws move on to black mascara, gold limited edition lipstick gloss (which I bought myself) with two lip stick in baby and dark pink.  Speaking of eyeshadow and mascara Ted’s beauty box features three pots of eyeshadow in purple, pink, and white along with, tweezers in Ted’s classic purple and gold.


 I know it does not sound like there is much in the beauty box so for that reason I have been adding products and a foundation and blusher brush to the rest of the products. The other products I have put into the box with the other products are Maxfactor English rose lipstick, Mac best dress collection blusher, no7 eye colour palette, Dior lip palette, and finally Maxfactor foundation along with other Maxfactor products which can be found here.

  Tomorrow I’ll post up part 2 of Ted Baker Beauty which is regarding some of other Ted Baker beauty products from bubble bath, body soufflé etc.

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