Travel Edit: Back to the Beach

by - Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lunchtime watching the peaceful view.

Yesterday was a pleasurable Monday to hit back out on the beach, with the same group of my dearest peers which came to Whitby. However this morning I’m feeling that the fact is that you cannot escape, you’re to do list…
Anyway back to the beach moment where we took a road trip through the good old M62 and A roads to Southport. Finally finding a place to park up it was time for a spot of lunch whilst watching, the arisen and sunshine setting on the sea and beach.
   Watching little play ones on the beach it was very peaceful although the sea was coming in leaving a stretch of beach left however, the best about it was calm and collective and so it was leaving us the soft sand.

Leisurely walking to the pier it was nice to just start the 2nd to last of my vacation on a relaxing note ahead of fashion month of the spring and summer 2013 collections.

There was a collective number of people fishing whilst a mixture was on the arcades. As R said: “There’s something about doughnuts and the seaside, which comes together so strangely. “, via that quote we stopped at a little place on the pier which was making freshly homemade doughnuts.

    Making our way back to the cars to move onto into the town, it was just pleasurable to soak up the sunshine. We gentle ahead into the town through the viewing of the shops and other particular features, the town had to offer. However in a short space of time we found ourselves heading back to the beach, ahead of the time when it was time to leave.

  Overall it was pleasurable start to the week ahead of this weekend baby shower.

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