Balenciaga Spring and Summer 2013

by - Thursday, September 27, 2012

Today Balenciaga started off Paris fashion week for us, causing a stir without even putting any clothing on the runway of their spring and summer 2013 collections. The fascinations were based on Balenciaga new spokesperson and Vogue cover girl Kirsten Stewart. Even editors were in twitter craze to get the best snap of her.

  The garments were cropped with white sports style-bra that wrapped the torso to reach high waists of the trousers beneath. The garments moved to flamenco ruffles on a black and white dress, which put a whole new meaning to the peplum. Sleeves were fluted with an underpinning of pinkness.

The colour palette was very selective with white, beige, eggshell blue and black, finally ending with the edginess of the little skirts from long to short which were pleated whilst some of them appeared to show a little detailing of little leaves.

  This collection was quite up Stewarts street for spring and summer 2013

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