NICHOLAS K Spring and Summer 2013

by - Friday, September 07, 2012

A brown start to the morning shows, which was done by Nicholas K spring and summer 2013 show. The first look was a light brown hue from leather jacket, baggy trousers beautiful draped. Creating the perfect casual relaxed look, which crept into a manly sporting agenda as the collection came down the runway whilst a grey hue of a jumpsuit broke up the brown palette. Prints and patterns came in tees as an under layer.  Womenswear were wrapped in a cool blue palette with beautiful draping from all pieces from dressers to jackets. As the collection was coming to an end...

 However a masculine side worked into the show with dark blue shirts which had a brown centre panel with low crotch trousers. Hoodies were loose whilst the manankle tousers, were swapped for shorts.

  Each piece was a draped away as we woken for the 1st day of NYFW…

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