Rick Owens Spring and Summer 2013

by - Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rick Owens was in a angelic mood on this early evening. A dared appearance came with the models with their fully brushed back hair, which came with the angel heaven from the clouds which turn the show into a kind of foam party which was the tweeting moment.
   Owens spring and summer 2013 collection brought dresses which were semi-transparent. Capes followed in the same vein whilst dresses played out off the shoulder. A more feminine side came into the collection which brought out a more refreshed vibe of being light and pretty whilst, feathers and oversized French knots garnished a series of white dresses. 

  It was beautiful! 
The final part of the collection brought a monochrome colour palette, whilst overlaid looks came with geometric detailing and along with sheer long coats. 

Overall it was a different but a refreshing, pretty, and feminine side to Owens we normally see. 

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